On Circular Faith

I have been reading on the different religions. One thing that I noticed was the prominence circular faith has been having in almost all of them.

What is circular faith?

Circular faith is building of a faith on another, which on a roundabout fashion is built on the first. For Example:

Preacher: “This is the only true religion. You have to believe it or go to hell.”

Listener:   “How are you sure?”

Preacher: “So it is said in our book.”

Listener:   “How do I know that your book is true?”

Preacher: “Because our book is the word of god. And it has been proven by many saints, and so it is said in our book.”

Notice that the authenticity of the religion is based on the book, which is the essential part of the religion. The authenticity of the book is based on the word of god and saints, who again are only to be found in the book. Then how can they say that theirs is the true religion?

My opinion

Are we to believe in a book, because “the majority believes it”? Maybe there are a lot of miracles? If they were happening only to members of one particular faith, I can wholeheartedly agree with them.  But that is not to be. I have seen a few. Some where no religion or god was concerned.

If religions are built upon circular faith, then why do they still enjoy such an ardent support? There are many answers. The one that sounds the most reasonable is this. No men are alike. Everyone has wants that cannot be fulfilled easily. Or they have sufferings so grave that they cannot survive alone. They turn to religions, which offer them a god, who will vanquish the sufferings and grant riches, if not now, in the next life.

Those following these religions tend to convert others, so that their book has a massive support. Anyone questioning them will get the answer- “See how many people follow us? Do you think they are all fools?”

This reminds me of the Dilbert Principle: “All men are idiots”.

A sad fact is that most of these religions do not allow any form of questioning. If you question it, you go to hell. So most of the followers never think about the lack of logic in their books.

And to say nothing about the drama that the religions are acting. They kill other people saying that theirs is the true religion, and that god has given them the permission to do whatever they wish.


I don’t know how this is going to end and which book will win the war. But I’m sure that rationality and freedom are the ones to lose the most.